Property Grunt

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bloomberg does it again and say a prayer for Kathleen

It looks like the Grunt was right on the money. Bloomberg came in at the 11th hour and brought back Olympic hopes. According to the NYT our esteemed mayor was able to get a deal a build a next to Shea which the Mets will pay for.

It looks like we might miss that bubble afterall. Let's see what happens in July.

I read this article on Inman. A broker by the name of Kathleen Yaggi from North Carolina was shot three times by June McCoy. Kathleen is now listed in good condition. McCoy got into a standoff with police and ended up shooting himself. He is listed in critical.

Feel free to email your support to Kathleen at her website. I have never heard of this happening in New York but apparently McCoy had a history of trying to lure female agents. There is alot of insanity that comes along with this business and you take it with a grain of salt. Unfortunately these situations do occur. It really makes me angry when I hear stories like this that happen to agents because all we are doing is our jobs and it is a reminder how vulnerable we can be.