Property Grunt

Monday, September 05, 2005

Holy Grail! More like Holy S**t! Part 3

Despite Alexandor Bandon's bollixing report on rental brokers she worked with a positive development has occurred regarding Tim Taylor, the truly nice guy or as I called him the truly desperate guy, who broke the Citi-habitats rule of providing addresses to Alexandar.

As I predicted Ms. Bandon's exposure of Mr. Taylor's transgressions displeased his masters which did not bode well for his career. Grunt heard on the wire that a crew of Citi-Habitats managers were on the verge of beating Tim senseless with phone books and working him over with rubber hoses before dumping him on the curb. That was until his office was bombarded with calls asking for Tim's services. It seems that Tim's positive disposition won him a large following of clients since the publication of the article.

Not wishing to kill the golden goose, his manager has spared his desk however I would not be surprised if they have penalized him by witholding a number of his deals.

Tim, if you are reading this my best advice for you is to take advantage of this stay of execution. Use your fiteen minutes of fame to knock out as many deals as possible. Hopefully you have broken your six. Ditch the craigslist and go straight for the New York Times ads and advertise the best rental properties you can find in your area. Use this as a springboard to go into sales if you haven't already. You have been given a second chance so run with it.

The Grunt stands by what he has written in Holy Grail! More like Holy S**t! and Holy Grail! More like Holy S**t! Part 2. I do empathize with clients who experience difficulties when finding an apartment but to simply blame the broker for this situation is to simplify a situation that is so much more complicated.