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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sellsius: Ice Cold Real Estate Action

This was a PR link I received from Sellsius.

Sellsius Announces Its Low Cost Annual Membership To Post Unlimited Real Estate Listings and More

Sellsius, an all inclusive real estate web site, scheduled to launch in January, announces its low cost annual membership to post Unlimited Real Estate Listings and More.

New York City, New York (PRWEB) December 1, 2005 -- Owners and real estate professionals no longer need to pay for high cost newspaper and online advertising. They can now get maximum exposure for all their property listings at an affordable price. For $29.95 per year, anyone, including owners, agents, developers, builders, managers etc. can post unlimited listings for any type of real estate - residential or commercial, sales or rentals, businesses for sale, new and pre-construction, timeshares, vacation homes, getaways - anything - even treehouses. Everyone can also post unlimited classifieds for real estate related products, services and jobs. Sellsius says, "If It’s Real Estate Related, You Can List It".

A Cost Effective Option To Expensive Newspaper and Online Advertising

Advertising real estate, whether online or in print, is costly. Many venues charge weekly or monthly per listing. Whether a FSBO or a real estate agent advertises real estate in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, or anywhere, they are compelled to pay for expensive print or online advertising. Over time, costs escalate, forcing listers to become selective about the frequency of their ads and the choice of property they list. This is a problem for owners and real estate agents with limited advertising budgets. “Ideally, for maximum exposure, you need to advertise all your listings every week in as many venues as you can afford,” say the founders of Sellsius. Sellsius eliminates per listing fees. With its low cost, owners & real estate agents or other professionals have the ability to give all listings maximum exposure.

List All Real Estate Niches

"An owner or real estate professional may need to list many types of real estate at any given time. They may own a multi-family investment property in Hoboken, a beach home in the Hamptons, a timeshare in Mexico, a business in Manhattan, land in Colorado, office space in San Diego or an apartment to rent in South Beach. If they wanted to list them all, they would have to go to traditional print advertising or different web sites that specialize in that niche and pay a separate listing fee for each", say the founders. Anyone can post all of these properties on Sellsius’ all inclusive site for one low annual membership fee of $29.95. For a FSBO, that’s the cost of a sign. Sellsius removes the financial risk associated with advertising real estate and increases the chance for a better return on investment. In addition, Sellsius has a code of ethics, disclosure requirements, and strict updating rules for members to insure quality and help prevent the abuses commonly found on free listing web sites.

For a complete list of all the solutions & benefits Sellsius offers, please email them for a copy.

Sellsius will debut at the Triple Play Realtor Convention, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on December 6-8, 2005.

Sellsius, LLC
Joseph G. Ferrara & Rudolph D. Bachraty III, Founders

Sellsius has joined Craigslist and Google Base in presenting another real estate advertising alternative. All Sellsius needs to doestablish strong brand recognition because that will play a vital role to their success. The fact they have such a funky yet recognizable name should work in their favor.

Online services have the potential of providing a ton of leverage for sellers since one of the ways that brokers justify their commissions is that they spend a ton of money out of their own pocket to advertise for the property. That argument holds no water if it only costs $29.95 a year to advertise comparing a pricey New York Times ad.

If the advertising features of Sellsius proves to be comparable or superior to the New York Times well brokers should start gathering their towels. Half the battle in selling an apartment is marketing and if Sellsius is as effective as they claim then brokers should expect a signifigant reduction in listings because alot of sellers will be going FSBO.

This is the natural of order of technology. So resistance is futile.