Property Grunt

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We're number 12 or 2?

I found this nifty site called Pubsub from the Matrix who got it from Real Central VA. It is a site that ranks real estate blogs and reads like the Guide to the Marvel Universe for real estate blogs.

So does the Property Grunt fly with the angels or just a goose egg? It depends on where you go. On the Daily section, the Property Grunt is listed at number 12 on the daily page which is pretty good but if you go to the 30-Day page, the Property Grunt is listed as number 2. And of course Curbed has blown everyone out of the water as the number 1 contender in the daily section.

Like Big Jon Miller, I am a bit mystified about how this whole thing works. But I am not complaining since these are one of the few moments where I find myself prom king when I usually find myself as Charlie Brown.

For those of you who read my blog, thanks. I am very lucky to have all of you reading my work. This really motivates me to be a better writer.