Property Grunt

Thursday, June 22, 2006

AOL throws a fork into the bubble

I go this email from K of AOL regarding the real estate bubble. According to K 60,000 people participated in the poll. Along with the poll he sent me an interesting article of hibernating bear awakening from the housing market.

Do You Believe the Housing Bubble Will Burst in the Next Year?
Yes 51%
No 37%
Don't know 12%
Total Votes: 61,229
Note on Poll Results

It appears that public's taste for real estate appears to be waning and has become more aware of housing market's current condition.

This has poll has also shed some light on an idea I have been playing which is to create a bubble betting pool. Readers can send in their predictions of when the bubble will officially pop and whoever is closest gets a cheesecake. What do you think?

Thanks again K for the information.

Btw, CNBC is doing a survival guide on real estate tonight 8pm EST.