Property Grunt

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hello Kelly Goodbye BK Squeeze

On a recent flight from the left coast the Grunt spotted Kelly from the Apprentice 2 on the same Jet blue flight. He sat all the way in the front in row 1A and was accompanied by a very attractive blonde. It was one of those weird situations where I recognized him and he knew that I knew who he was so he made every attempt to avoid eye contact. Which only happened once since I sat all the way in the back. No. I did not approach him or introduce myself. I mean what would be the point? We really have nothing offer to each other and I am sure he gets carpet bombed by real estate agents itiching to do a deal or to at least to say they talked to him. The last thing he wants is some idiot talking to him while he is sleeping on his flight. In my experience you want your flight to be as pleasant and uneventful as possible. I once had a 12 hour flight where I was afflicted with food poisoning and thought the flight would never end

The funny part of was that he chatted a bit with the flight attendants who had no idea who he was until he left the plane.

It was announced on curbed that BK Squeeze has decided to withdraw from the Brooklyn scene and move to the grassy hills of Suffolk. The Grunt would like to wish him and his family the best of luck. From what I read of the entry I honestly feel that he is doing the right thing. As long as he can commute properly to the city and is able to save money for a house, he should be alright. Best of luck to you BK.