Property Grunt

Friday, July 01, 2005

Random thoughts before the July 4th weekend

Yes. I will be working on this holiday weekend. Why? Because it is my job to sell at all times. 24/7 365 days a year. Well not everyday. I have learned that even on the holidays the serious buyers come out to play. Do I wish I was doing something else? Yes. But this is the profession that I have chosen and I will fufill my duties as required.

In a totally unrelated topic to real estate, the Grunt came upon this entry in Gothamist. Itis about Matthew Kaye aka Matt Striker who was a public social studies teacher moonlighting as a professional wretler. He got into trouble using sick days to go on a professional wrestling tour which included a match with Kurt Angle on WWE Smackdown.

Mr. Kaye has taken responsibilty for his actions and is willing to make amends. But the board seems to be going out of his way to put the screws in him. According the NYT article there is no mention of any type of misconduct other than the abuse of the sick days. In fact he is considered to be a popular teacher amoung students.

The Grunt is not a hardcore fan of wrestling but is aware of the amount of dedication and drive it takes to be one. Hulk Hogan got his leg broken by his teacher Hiro Matsuda the first time he stepped in the ring. But Hogan returned to the ring to continue his education and the rest is history. Stone Cold Steve Austin survived on a diet of a bag of potatoes which he ate raw and 6 cans of tuna fish when he began his career. Paul Wight aka "The Big Show" once made a sandwich out of bread and toothpaste since he was penniless at the time.

A New York City high school teacher are on the frontlines not only educating students but dealing with more than their fair share of turmoil that comes along with the job. It is not uncommon for them to burnout or only exert enough effort to punch a clock so they can get a paycheck.

To get a match on Smackdown with Kurt Angle is a huge accomplishment. Especially an unknown who would be considered a jobber or babyface. This shows how much drive and focus the wrestler has to get to that stage. These assets are definitely transferable to the educational field.

As I have stated before, the articles do not mention any type of misconduct by Mr. Kaye other than the misuse of sick days. So I am giving the benefit of the doubt that he is a good teacher. I say let the guy make amends and give him back his job. Mr. Kaye if NYC doesn't want you, there are plenty of places outside the city that would probably take a bigger interest in you.

And if the WWE or TNA is listening you should offer this guy a contract. This is the type of individual you want in your roster. Not only is he dedicated and focused to the ring but he is a positive role model for kids.