Property Grunt

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stump the Grunt

I recently got the following email from an Ivy Leaguer.

Dear Property Grunt,

I have some general questions for you. I've been reading your blog for a while and I was hoping that you could either address this in a post or point me to a place in your archives where I could find the info. Basically, here's the question: I'm about to move to New York. How do I find a rental apartment?

I'm looking for an apartment in Manhattan or Brooklyn, close to the AC trains, 2 bedrooms (or 1 and a half bedrooms), 1000 square feet plus. Is this the holy grail of NYC apartments? Should I adjust my expectations?

Second, how do I find a broker that is knowledgeable?

Third, I want to move in in May (pref. May 15, but flexible). When should I start contacting brokers and looking for a place?

Basically, I just need advice for NYC beginners. Any suggestions you have would be so helpful. Thanks!

So what does everyone suggest? Is there a particular set of tactics that anyone can recommend? I've already responded to this reader's questions however I am curious to see what everyone else recommends.