Property Grunt

Friday, December 16, 2005

Another day in Manhattan

It looks like we dodged a bullet. Sort of. But at least we have some bus and train service until over the weekend. I am really curious about the open houses this Sunday.

Right now I am listening to Howard Stern's last day on terrestial radio. I actually met Howard Stern back in college. At that time I was an intern for the publishing company where he was preparing his second book "Miss America". I was delivering documents to the "War Room" where Howard, my boss at the time and his agent Don Buchwald where they were discussing the cover which was Howard Stern in drag.

As I entered, my boss asked me over and wanted my opinion of the cover. This was a huge deal for me. Afterall I was an unpaid intern. Then Howard looked me and asked me this question.

"Hey Grunt. Would you buy this book?"

Being a wiseass my response was "I don't need to."

The conference room broke out in laughter.

Still he pressed the issue and I assured him that he would be fine. That everything he ever touched has turned to gold which included his WOR-TV show and his last book Private Parts.

This book would be no different.

Good luck Howard. Keep fighting the good fight. As long as you do that, you will always win.