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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Darlin for Acid Wit

The New York Times has recently joined the real estate blogging front with The Walk Through. which is written by the glorious Damon Darlin. The mission for The Walk Through is the following

Take a walk through the latest blog from The New York Times. Notice the spacious columns, the picture-window views of national trends and the granite counter-conventional musings. (O.K., the ads are cramped, but notice the fine workmanship of the links.)

The Walk-Through chronicles, and at times celebrates, the great American obsession: our homes. We will compile news, commentary, analysis and even gossip from across the country — ­in other newspapers, on blogs and Web sites, government and trade association reports and academic papers.

The reporters and editors of The Times, those in New York City brownstones and those in detached homes in California, will seek out information that helps you keep the real estate boom in perspective. Whether it is the value of your home, worries over interest-only loans or what the hottest young architect is building, you’ll find it here.

Best of all, we charge no commission. – DAMON DARLIN

And now for a moment of narcissism. The Hunt Grunt tipped me of about my appearance in The Walk Through which was in this earth shattering entry on page 2.

That’s a Wrap
Categories: Agents & Brokers, Prices
One of my favorite real estate bloggers is Property Grunt, who is a New York City real estate broker with an acid wit. He just got back from a brokers’ open house, which he used as a barometer of the health of the market. You see, brokers are lured into the development with the promise of catered meals and an open bar.

But the devil is in the details and they were quite noticeable. First of all the food was catered by Whole Foods, which were sliced wraps that were stacked like poker chips and little pastries. I have nothing against Whole Foods. In fact I think Whole Foods is awesome but this was the first broker open house I have been to that was catered by Whole Foods. I was expecting something that was more distinct. Even the broker open houses I have been to downtown didn’t use Whole Foods.

Wait until they start using the corner bodega. – DAMON DARLIN

This was in reference to my entry on the last broker open house I attended.

There is an army of teachers including my guidance counsler from my days as a student who would drop a collective load in their pants if they knew that I was being lauded by a reporter from the New York Times. Damon, you have made my day.

So it is obvious that The Walk Through exhibits a strong sensibility for tasteful and knowledegable writing, so let's put this one in our bookmarks shall we?