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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

740 Park: A Really Gross Book

To simply brand 740 Park as just a book about a really rich co-op is akin to branding Star Wars as a movie about special effects. Michael Gross has written an engaging historial epic on 740 Park and how Manhattan became the Island of F.I.R.E.
(Finace, Insurance, Real Estate)

It is quite a lengthy read, however I think it is worth it because it will give you a better insight of how Manhattan formed it's identity as one of the most exclusive places in the world and it will also give insight on the uppercrust of the bagel of Manhattan society. I am not talking about celebrities or people who are featured in Page 6. I am talking about the real heavy hitters, the ones who are lifetime members of the University Club and trustees of the Met. I am talking about the oligarchs who have trustfunds that are worth the GNP of most third world countries.

If you have time go see Mr. Gross today at Real Estate Connect New York where he is participating in a panel discussion on the West Side.

NYC Real Estate: The Real Story
Westside 3 & 4
4:00 pm to 4:45 pm

Go to this link if you want to learn more about the book and author.