Property Grunt

Thursday, January 12, 2006

So it begins

Recently a very powerful Texan alerted me of a new site called the Tenant Network. It is a website that allows customers to find an apartment without using a broker by allowing users to utilize a growing database of rental buildings. It also invites users to list rental buildings.

This deveoplment does not surprise me since I have written about the outsourcing of rental brokers for quite sometime. Those of you who are curious or just want a recap these entries were Outsourcing rental brokers and I stand corrected on somethings.

Tenant Network is in the early stages of development but it has a viable database of buildings and a tremendous amount of potential with its grass roots appeal.

I forsee a future where more of these sites will be popping up which will cause more aggravation for rental agents and save more money for customers. What would be a huge blow to the industry is if somone was able to get their hands on all of the rental buildings in Manhattan including the smaller owners.

However there are owners who perfer utilizing brokers since it provides someone to be accountable for finding qualified tenants and some landlords just dislike dealing with tenants directly and perfer a buffer.