Property Grunt

Friday, August 25, 2006

Dear Mayor Nagin: F**k You

Motherf****r are you crazy? You almost got your ass handed you in the last election and you talking s**t about the WTC?

The tragedies of Katrina could have been avoided if you had done your f**king job. If you have had made a call instead of mouthing off to the cameras you could have at least had the school buses rolling to get people out.

Don't even dare try to compare the rebuilding of Katrina to the WTC. After 9/11 the city was on the verge entering the dark ages but with grit, determination of the people and a bad ass mayor, New York City is entering a golden age.

Look at the latest New York Time articles on New York and New Orleans. Everyone wants to move to New York while even people from New Orleans want to stay in Houston or Atlanta. Part of the reason why is that we have a mayor who is a uniter not a divder and doesn't alienate people by calling for a "chocolate city." He isn't declaring war against migrant workers. He is trying to find solutions that work.

So Mayor Nagin, f**k you.