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Friday, November 23, 2007

God Help Us Indeed

********* year reunion, God help us

Host: Class of 19**
Location: Some sports bar near Penn Station

When: Saturday, November 24, 8:00PM

Alternatively titled, "Help our class president get his deposit money back."
$50 will get you three hours of open bar (beer & wine) plus appetizers. We'll be in the Greene Room, on the main level. You can pay at the door.

PLEASE we need your help in notifying all of our classmates. While we're trying to respect everyone's privacy, you can safely assume we do NOT have everyone's email address. Forward the info, and invite others via evite. THANK YOU!

Answers to your questions: Yes, spouses are welcome (children too, but then we'll probably question your judgement), you pay at the door, Class Officer and Class President organized this, yes, sometimes, yes (if you ask nicely), 15, no, and not in a million years.

This is the Evite for my high school reunion and after reading it I had to laugh at the irony. You see, we had our prom at the Waldorf and now we have been reduced to paying 50 bucks for beer and wings at a sports bar near Penn station. It probably indicates how stressed everyone is financially, therefore our president is trying to make it as cost effective as possible.

In terms of the timing of our reunion and the run and gun approach of setting it up, my guess is that they choose the weekend after Thanksgiving since that was probably when most of the class would be in the area or maybe they were counting on people not to show up at all since most of us are still recovering from the trauma of the Thanksgiving holiday.

When our first reunion came around, it included personal phone calls to alert classmates of the reunion which I never responded to. I think what probably happened this time was that our fearless leader and his administration completely forgot that the reunion was this year. For whatever reason, all the class officers bailed on him except for one who was courageous enough to assist him on the task. I suspect the following reasons why the rest of the class officers are not helping out:

1. They are freaking out over mortgages they can't pay for.

2. They are afraid of other people silently judging them for their current station in life.

3. They only became class officers to put it on their college applications and that position has outlived its usefulness.

4. They are really successful and rich and it would be really depressing to associate with people who are less successful than they are.

For whatever reason our commander in chief also reported in a previous announcement that his attendance for this soiree was tentative. Which would be understandable since he works in finance and his company is under a ton of pressure. Any reason preventing him from hosting the event would probably be work related.

A friend of mine once described my relationship to my high school class as love/hate. And he is correct. I love to hate my high school class. However I do keep in touch with some friends and there are a select group of people that if I were to meet them on the street I would definitely talk to them. This would include my class president who I voted for and was the first Asian American to ever been elected and the person who is assisting him who I have known since kindergarten. They are both are very nice people and I do think of them very highly.

But if I were to see a bus load of the douchebags from my class going off a cliff, I wouldn't bat an eye.

I guess the best way to sum up my high school experience and high school would be the following.

This was definitely not my high school.

This is probably a more accurate depiction of my high school.

And this is how I felt throughout my 4 years.

In a nutshell I was grateful that my high school career ended in 4 years. Apart from facing the wrath of puberty, insecurity and being unhappy, some of the cliques in my high school were vicious as hell and the only time they acknowledged me was to insult me other than that I was ignored. And I did not just get grief from them, I had some friends who treated me as their personal punching bag. Needless to say, I am friends with them no longer. I think what really made me angry was that I was not someone who sought out trouble yet I seemed to be a magnet for it. In other words my high school class and my experience was completely normal.

The only distinction we have to the other graduating classes is that we were one of the last classes to be able get limos for our prom. Now all classes are required to take a bus to the prom after the year the entire high school showed up wasted at the homecoming dance.

Since graduating from high school I have run into some of these idiots and the funny thing is that they still revert to their roles in high school. What these f**ktards have not realized is that I am not the same person that I was in high school which I am more than happy to remind them. So if they were to insult me at a reunion, I would respond verbally in kind. Of course with their fragile egos in danger of cracking, they might cross the line and something like this could happen.

Or this.

Most likely this would happen.

The majority of my class are either lawyers, former lawyers or law school drop outs which would make an altercation a legal nightmare. Also health insurance is very expensive these days even for my classmates with high incomes and we are getting older. It is just not worth the trouble to get into a fight and besides I am not looking for one either. You'll notice that I even edited the information in the Evite to protect their privacy despite the fact I could care less about some of these people.

So I am maintaining the my streak for abstaining and I am sure they won't even notice.