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Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

This is a very disturbing report from True Gotham regarding a robbery from an open house.

Yesterday, Sunday, 11/12, one of my Upper West Side properties was robbed during an open house. My agent caught one of the 2 women in the act and when confronted the 2 women panicked, dropped most but not all of what they had stolen and dashed out of the building. One of the women ran into the bathroom when caught, relieved herself, cleaned herself with a bath towel, threw it in the bath tub and ran out of the apartment pushing past my agent and suggesting she would sue him if he touched her.

Upon inspection of the apartment by both the police and the sellers, merchandise (jewelry, etc) and prescription narcotics (with other people’s names) from other Upper West Side robberies was found stashed around the apartment. It appears that when they were caught, they panicked and began leaving this merchandise so that it wouldn’t be discovered on them should the police catch them. So it is likely that someone else was victimized yesterday and may not even know it yet. They haven’t yet been caught but we have very clear video of these two women on building security cameras. To that end, I will be providing all of you with these images upon receipt so that sellers and their agents can be aware at your future open houses. I will also be providing a contact number for the precinct that responded to the scene.

In addition to this just being a disgusting experience, the thieves did get away with the seller's diamond eternity engagement ring and another heirloom ring that her grandmother had left her. It's a violation that no one should have to experience but fortunately no one was hurt.

I remember one open house I did, the seller was convinced that somone had stolen one of his credit cards. The broker I was working with at the time was pissed at me, but it was not as if I was being negligent. A ton of people had streamed in and I was the only one on site

In the end it turned out it was all a mistake on part of the seller. He found the card. However, he was a cool guy and he apologized for his actions.

The amount of agents needed for an open house depends on the the size of the apartment and what type of building it is.

If you have a one bedroom co-op with a doorman you are looking at a 3 person team. One to cover the lobby and bring buyers up, and two agents, one in the living room and one to cover the bedroom area. If you have a studio, you can get away with one agent.

The smartest thing that Douglas did was to have a two man team to watch over everything. From what he described, he took the proper actions which was to let them go and let the authorities handle it. As much as it would have been pretty cool for the agents to apprehend these a**holes, a melee would have ensued and would probably have resulted in physical injury and damages to the apartment.

I am very angry that these two degenerates committed this crime. A seller places a great amount of trust in their broker to conduct an open house and anyone entering the premises should act in a respectful fashion.

As soon as those pictures come on line, I am posting them and hopefully these criminals can be caught.

Noah over at Urbandigs has relaunched his site and it looks better than ever. Like True Gotham, he has made an effort to differentiate himself from the rest of the brokerage community and it has paid off. I highly recommend checking it out.

Oh yea, those of you interested one those hunger striking dumbasses passed out. The irony is that she is not a Columbia student. She is from the Barnyard.