Property Grunt

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bagels, Lox and Cream Cheese. Slashing penthouse prices

This was in Page 6

April 28, 2005 -- THE Village of Southampton has angered the local Jewish community by trying to shut down the town's only Jewish temple for violating zoning rules. Jews who worship at Chabad of Southampton argue that their religious rights are being trampled and point out that a church stands just two doors away. The two sides will square off tonight when the Southampton Board of Zoning Appeals meets. Mark Heller, a Southampton homeowner and lawyer who worships at the temple, predicts a volatile confrontation. "Although this had historically been a Gentile area, many Jewish families have bought homes here and the population is about one-third Jewish now, so it's ridiculous to deny this significant portion of the residents a place to worship," Heller tells PAGE SIX. "We support this town greatly with our considerable taxes, so we should be able to exercise one of the most precious rights as citizens of this country: to worship freely." The Chabad House has been at the location since 1999, but has come under scrutiny only since applying for formal recognition from the zoning board.

People who invented the holy trinity of bagels, lox and cream cheese can't be all that bad. While we are talking about circular carbohydrates, dried salmon and churned milk, I think a slice of tomato adds a little something.

Please leave the Jews alone.

In a recent entry of Curbed

A Curbed tipster writes, "A friend of mine went to go look at the O'Neill Building on 20th/6th and offered up this tidbit...'We were told a rap star bought the penthouse and then two apts on the 5th be turned into his and her closets. (Each 'closet' for $1.4.M).'

They must have gotten it for cheap because the Grunt has heard on the wire that the O'Neil has begun cutting their prices for their penthouses. It seems they are motivated to drop as much inventory as possible before its too late.