Property Grunt

Friday, August 05, 2005

RED ALERT: Beware of Craigslist scam!

I found this out from Curbed reagarding a very brazen and stupid scam that has ripped off the layout of the craigslist site. This is the response from Craig's blog.

August 03, 2005
SCAM: site faking craigslist
Just to let people know in a hurry, the site

has no relation to us, and we're escalating dramatically now.

Please get the word out.


Obviously someone hasn't been reading the Property Grunt because if they were they
would have read my entry on Craigslist and know Craig will end you if you mess with his site.

It is too damn hot and humid for this type of stupidity. We are all very cranky and tired. Please, I implore you good people, let's chill out, take it easy. Don't do anything stupid like stand in front of the subway doors blocking people from moving. Or spreading your legs when you are sitting down on the train thereby taking up all the room in the seat.

Let's exercise some courtesy and understanding and avoid compounding our mutual aggravtation. For those of you hitting the open house trail this weekend, bring water with you and try to be on time for the open houses. If you miss them, just shrug it off and go home. Life is just too short to get angry.