Property Grunt

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The uppercrust also gets burnt and a reader comment

While we are all out fighting tooth and nail trying to figure out if the bubble has popped it is nice to know that the rich and famous deal with the same problems. A recent entry of Curbed describes Michael Gross' upcoming book 740 Park about the insane happenings that occur in one of the richest co-ops in the city.

Mr. Gross sent me a link from the Rush Molloy about his upcoming book and I must say I am baffled how he was able to get this much access since co-op's are notoriously secretive. He informed that all is explained in the book. I am looking forward to reading it.

Below is a comment I received from Homer

1 - the bubble is not bursting
2 - gentrification is G-d's way of telling people being pushed out that Darwin was right
3 - Starbuck's is better than your favorite mom and pop store...any day of the week
4 - STFU

My response

1-The bubble is not bursting. It's imploding. The aftermath will not be pretty
2-Gentrification is G-d's way of telling people s**t happens.
3-Starbucks is overpriced and the reason why you think it is better is because there are no more Mom and Pop stores to compare to since Starbucks put them out of business. But it is a great stock nonetheless.
4-Better people than you have tried. And I am still here. Stick to what you are good at like updating your phone book collection and scanning all of your photos of Lucy Lawless lookalikes from the last Xenacon.