Property Grunt

Friday, October 07, 2005

Casualties of the Pop: Real Estate Schools

The Grunt has heard on the wire that there has been a significant drop in enrollment at real estate schools for the New York City area. At one point classrooms were bursting with either the newly unemployed or the proletariat in dead end jobs. All were seeking a higher standard of living their current means could not provide. Now they are walking away.

It seems with the low unemployment rate and boom ending, there seems to be a drought in fresh meant for the real estate meat grinder. I guess what this means now is that the rental mills are no longer going to recruiting or advertise as much in the real estate schools.

If you have read my entries on not being a Grasshopper and real estate as the new dotcom, you will know that I am not surprised by this new development. Back in the dot com boom, the Microsoft and Cisco certification were considered to be a hot ticket but once that popped it was no more valuable as the piece of paper it was printed on.