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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Aftermath of Zillow: PropertyShark and Truglia form an unholy alliance

Actually, I only wrote in "unholy" because it sounded cool. I got this from Kreth Kommunications. AND TRULIA FORM A STRATEGIC PARTNERShIP

PropertyShark provides data for Trulia’s Recent NYC Launch

New York City, February 15, 2006 –, a leading data analytical tool for property search and Trulia, a real estate listings metasearch service based in San Francisco, announced their partnership today.

“We have a bilateral cross linking relationship which allows Trulia to enhance its search results with PropertyShark data, helping to make it a better service for home researchers. In return, we use Trulia search results in PropertyShark reports, giving our users a good sense of what nearby properties are for sale. We also jointly promote each other,” comments chief executive officer of, Ryan Slack.

Trulia’s co-founder, Pete Flint adds, “The Internet real estate researcher is hungry for the most comprehensive and accurate information. With this integrated partnership, we can offer consumers a more informed search experience while supporting the sales process for brokers and agents.”

PropertyShark founder, Matthew Haines, further explains, “As the real-estate data market heats up, with lavishly-funded start-ups like Zillow joining the fray, it is essential that focused players like Trulia and PropertyShark partner to provide consumers and professionals with a soup-to-nuts offering of sales, leads, and property data and tools."”

The two companies have already partnered in Los Angeles and New York City markets and plan to tackle other key cities in coming months.


Example of PropertyShark on Trulia: (see section under map)

Example of Trulia on PropertyShark:
(scroll down to For Sale Nearby by

Propertyshark has been going through bags of clean underwear ever since Zillow came into play so I am not suprised by this move.I wonder if they were conversations between PropertyShark and Zillow.