Property Grunt

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Alison!

This past Halloween I was invited by Alison Rogers to celebrate her birthday which was walking in the Halloween Parade.

Alison's the one with her hands up and the gentleman with the alligator head is her husband Ivan. He has the coolest job of brining comicbooks to other mediums. Both of them are quite hilarious and compliment each other. He was the only guy who got my Snake Eyes on a budget costume.

The rest of the group consisted of writers, journalist and even a person who was a subject of one of Joyce Cohen's The Hunt. Unfortunately, she was unable to join us. One guy I met worked in aerodynamics and provided some fascinating insights on figher jets. Did you know that in the near future all aircraft will be fully computerized?

We all wore birthdays to commerate the event and joined a massive crowd of pirates, cheerleaders, 80's dancers and massive floats.

This little devil, pun intended, used to work for Alison over at the New York Post and now works in the real estate section at the New York Post. And yes. She is hotter in person.

Happy Birthday Alison! Yes. That's me next to her.