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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Roll Call: Interesting stuff edition.

I haven't done one of these in awhile.

The beautiful and vivacious Kelly Kreth is in needs of a man.

According to this latest Gawker entry.

Hi there Gawker,
I am Kelly Kreth, the new sex/relationship writer for the NY Press (and also, President of my own PR firm.)
Anyway, just for the record I am no longer dating Eric Schaeffer.
How about doing a Gawker's 50 most eligible NYC bachelorettes and including me?
Kelly Kreth

I have never met Kelly but I have seen her in person and I have had many delightful email conversations with her. She has no idea who I am however she is cool with that.

She is the woman of the 21st century. She is smart, well read, has her own business, which is important because she is not some gold digger, and if needed she will put her foot up your ass. Literally.

Don't be alarmed that she is the sex columnist of the NY Press. Just be on your game when you approach her. Jewish doctors are quite welcome.


8 artists decided to do their part for affordable housing by sneaking into the Providence Place mall and built a secret studio apartment where they crashed for 4 years. Eventually mall security caught on and busted their ringleader. The irony is that during their stay they were actually burglarized. If you want to learn more go to the direct site of the artist.

Light em up.

It appears that two cities in California are pulling a Bloomberg and are ondering whether to give the authorization to landlords and apartment associations to ban smoking in their buildings. It is something straight out of Demolition Man.

Windfall or Deadfall?

A new homeowner found 100 grand in cash in his attic and now the previous owner wants it back. The smartest thing the new homeowner did was turn the money over to the police. Personally, I would let the previous owner take it under the condition that he would never bother me again.

Who knows why the previous owner had all that loot lying around in house and guess what? I don't want to know. It could be legitimate reasons or perhaps something else altogether. None of my business and I want no part of it. I have heard too many stories of weird s**t being left behind in apartments and no good comes from that.