Property Grunt

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Beyond disbelief, disgrace and tragedy


This absolutely f**king outrageous this collapsed even occurred. According to Curbed these a**holes have had a string of violations.

One comment
on Curbed pretty much summed up why this happened.

The clock is ticking on a recession and these developers have put big dollars and extreme pressure for these construction companies to rush. The construction companies are working illegal hours, cutting corners, doing everything possible to get the extra money for finishing ahead of schedule. The developers don't want to be stuck without a chair in the recession musical chairs, so we have to pay." [BREAKING: Crane Collapse on the Upper East Side]

This is just unacceptable. After what happened last time, the Bloomberg administration should have taken every measure to prevent this type of tragedy. I love Bloomberg. I really do. But at this point he should declare a lock down on all development sites with cranes and do a full body cavity search on all of these sites. Even the ones without violations. If these developers end up going belly up. F**k em. This is the business they chose and this is a risk they need to accept.

Meet Kimbo Slice.

Kimbo Slice is currently an MMA fighter who started out literally on the streets.


As you can see he is no joke. He gained a reputation on the street fighting circuit then ended up going professional. The smartest thing he did was hook up with Bas Rutten and so far that training has paid off. Which brings me to this.

There is a group of people who started sparring in Union Square calling themselves the Union Square Spartans.

Here is a link to their fights.

I have to admit it is fun to watch however these "fighters" are nowhere near the level of Kimbo Slice let alone any serious martial artist.

Some of you are going to call me out, saying that I am not "hardcore" or that I should "man up" and see if I have what it takes. My response to that is simply NO. Sparring is an integral part of any martial arts program. If your objective is to be able to defend yourself then you need not only how to hit but to take a hit. You also need to handle the adrenaline dump that comes from the fight or flight response. This is where sparring comes in.

But it should be done in a controlled environment where the proper equipment is utilized which includes a cup, mouthpiece, head gear and gloves. Sparring should be done in a ring or a padded area. The participants should not only be skilled in their respective arts and be able to utilize control but they should also be skilled in break falls because they are going to be hitting the ground alot. That is why I would never be so foolish to purposely put myself in that type of situation.

That is why I would never participate in this type of contest because there are too many variables. One wrong move in the concrete arena means a broken bone, tooth and if you fall on that surface, you might be looking at a concussion. Also the last place you want to grapple on is concrete.

For those fighting enthusiasts who say that sparring in a controlled environment is for p***ies and that sparring on the street is the only way to prepare you for a street fight should read this site.

Go to a boxing gym, dojang, dojo, kwoon, MMA gym where you can learn how to do this properly from professionals. There is nothing wrong with martial artists working out in a park, but the way these individuals are conducting themselves is problematic.

From a real estate perspective, this type of activity is not something that raises property values. For instance, what if people begin to bet on these fights? What if another party challenges the Union Square Spartans? An out of control sparring match on a hot summer day can lead to a world of hurt for everyone, especially near a crowd of innocent people.

It appears that the activities have caught the attention of the NYPD because now they have required them to get a permit to spar. Which is highly unlikely, so now they have gone to Tompkins Square Park. That is probably a better place to spart because they at least have soft ground to land on.