Property Grunt

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Queens or Scarsdale?

This week I am introducing a new feature called Queens or Scarsdale. In these entries I will be displaying pictures of houses that either belong in Queens or Scarsdale. It is up to you the reader to determine whether the house belongs in Queens or Scarsdale.

Besides amusing ourselves with some really bad architecture, my objective is to prove that money does not buy taste nor does it buy common sense. In fact common sense just goes out the window.

And just because something is in Scarsdale does not necessarily mean it is better than a house in Queens. In fact you might find better deals in Queens.

Without further ado.

Love the chain link fence and the port a potty. It just screams high class.

And of course we have the Mcmansion shot.

Feel free to either email me your guesses to Propertygrunt(at) or put your comments in my entry.