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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So what now?

Dow plummets record 777 as financial rescue fails

I have had some interesting conversations on this development. My friend who works in finance, the one I saw the Dark Knight a second time, told me that an emerging consensus is that the bailout is just prolonging the inevitable. In the short term this is going to suck ass but in the long run we are going to be better for it.

Over IM a family declared that the Republicans who voted against this bill were patriots. I asked why since Republicans are known to protect big business. My family member's response was this was not issue of business of sustainability.

We all agree that unfortunately a bailout is needed. However there is general disagreement in what form this bailout should take. Perhaps the current form of the defeated bill would have harmed us rather than help us.

There is a part of me that wants to get this s**t over with. Pass the f**king bill so we can get started rebuilding. However, what is the point in passing a bill if it just serves to screw us over in the end?

Well, we got two more todays before the next vote. Let's hope they get it right.