Property Grunt

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meet the new radioactive man

This is Bernie Madoff

Despite playing fast and loose with his mailing privileges. Bernard Madoff is still a semi free man. The question is why? Officially it is because they do not consider him a flight risk.

I understand why certain parties of the government are treating him with kid gloves. Madoff has masterminded a very complex ponzi scheme and he plays a key role in unraveling it. Even though the FBI is working day and night to figure out how he did it, it would not hurt to have his cooperation. There is also an unlikely possibility that his victims will be able to get their money back. So it is to their advantage to keep him as comfortable as possible. Also Madoff has nothing to lose, since well, he’s old.

However, I think there is another reason why they are not giving Madoff 3 hots and a cot.

There are some people who have it in for Bernard Madoff.

Yeah. I know that’s obvious. But let’s think about this for a second. There are two groups investors associated with Madoff, those he ripped off and those who profited from him.

The obviously the people he ripped off are pretty pissed and some of them would be more than happy to see him to have an “accident” However there are others who were ripped off want him alive hoping he will return their money.

Then there are the people who profited from Madoff. Did you hear about one of his associates who is running scared from the Russians she once represented?

Do you think that is the only group of individuals with questionable businesses that invested with Madoff?

Let’s play What If?

What if Madoff was engaging in other illegal activities besides his massive ponzi scheme? It is a well-known fact that the guy is a sociopath so it s not far fetched to think that if he was involved in some type of specialized cleaning service or he helped people play dodge ball with Uncle Sugar. Who is to say that he did not engage in other illicit actives? It is possible that Madoff dealt with certain individuals that make their living in the shadows and they will take measures to remain that way.

Now that is out in the open, why the hell would the government allow this?

If you ever seen any episode of Law and Order one of the best ways for a perp to take a deal is let them feel the heat. If there is a sufficient amount pressure from outside forces, Madoff might feel that making a deal is in his best interests.

If they were to put Madoff at Riker’s, it is possible his survival in general population would be at best questionable. Which means they would have to put him in isolation and even that alone would not ensure his safety. DOC would probably have to amass an army of correction officers in order to protect him and even that is no guarantee he will remain on this plane of existence. Also it means a lot of overtime, which translates to lots money which is hard to come by these days.

If Madoof is in jail and wakes up one morning with a shiv in his skull before the Justice system is able to have crack at him, well it is not going to look very good. In fact it could mean the end of a lot of careers. Why have that liability unless Bernie is willing to man up for a deal?

Since this situation is Madoff’s own doing, let him take the risk and foot the bill. If the unthinkable does occur, it is all on him because he is the one who requested bail. Of course the people who live in his building won't be too happy about that.

Of course this is all just speculation on my part.