Property Grunt

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

True Stories

This analyst at a well known financial firm that is part of the Berkshire Hathaway empire is given a report that requires that she signs off on it.

She returns the report without her approval to the department it originated from. The head of that department demands why she has not approve the report. The analyst responds that the figures do not add up. The department head takes it as a challenge to authority and asks the analyst if she is disobeying an order.

The analyst responds by stating that it has nothing to do with obeying anything. Her duties as an analyst require her to check the numbers and if they do not add up then she is not going to sign off on the report until it is corrected. The department head is left frustrated.

The firm experiences a series of layoffs, unsurprisingly the analyst finds herself in one of the waves.

The former analyst is not at all dismayed. In fact is quite happy. She has more time to pursue other ventures and has kept her dignity and honor.

Besides, if the s**t really hits the fan for that firm, which from the evidence it strongly suggests it will, she won't be the one taking a trip to Club Fed.

In the real nice parts of Westchester, pre-schools are undergoing a brain drain. Parents are pulling their kids out because they do not have the money to pay for the tuition and have opted to keep their kids at home since at least one parent is now going to be staying at home.

It has gotten so bad that the prestigious pre-schools that used have to wait lists are desperately attempting to keep their numbers from decreasing.

Trust fund babies are now entering puberty at hundred miles and hour going head first through a windshield.

Stories are popping up of watching their accounts dwindle, falling from their former mighty perches.

There is a story of one woman who has now been cut off by her retired parents. They need her trust fund because they do not have the money to cover their expenses.

It is just a lesson that one should not rely on income based on annuity streams rather than market returns.