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Friday, June 12, 2009

A Coward's ties to the Big Apple

The other is that antisemitism is an irrational thing. The Jews are accused of
specific offences (for instance, bad behaviour in food queues) which the
person speaking feels strongly about, but it is obvious that these
accusations merely rationalise some deep-rooted prejudice. To attempt to
counter them with facts and statistics is useless, and may sometimes be
worse than useless. As the last of the above-quoted remarks shows,
people can remain antisemitic, or at least anti-Jewish, while being
fully aware that their outlook is indefensible. If you dislike somebody,
you dislike him and there is an end of it: your feelings are not made
any better by a recital of his virtues.

AntiSemitism In Britian

I am not in the mood to be witty or funny. I can't. Stephen T. Johns was a man doing his job when he was shot by man he was helping.

One of the thing's that has popped up abut douchebag's past is that he used to live in New York City.

Afterward, Mr. von Brunn went to work for Benton & Bowles, according to a 1950 wedding announcement for Mr. von Brunn published in The New York Times.

At the time, Benton & Bowles, which no longer exists, was one of the country’s foremost firms, with big name clients like Procter & Gamble, said Ms. Reid of Duke, which now holds the company’s archives. It would have been a period of transition, Ms. Reid said, with the company’s pioneering use of radio — including soap operas as a vehicle to sell products — giving way to new marketing aimed at television, such as the firm’s iconic pitch of “Look, ma — no cavities!” for Crest toothpaste.

On June 1, 1950, Mr. von Brunn married Patricia Beverley-Giddings in the Long Ridge Congregational Church in Connecticut, according to a wedding announcement. A year later they had a boy, also named James, whom they sent to the Trinity School on the Upper West Side. School records show a student named von Brunn attending the school from September 1957 until June 1960, a school spokesman said.

I have heard that there is much surprise that someone as backwards as this man actually lived in New York City, let alone the Upper East Side. However he is an anomaly

It remains unclear what impact, if any, his 15 years in one of the most racially and religiously diverse cities in the world had on the development of the white supremacist ideology that fueled the rambling conspiracy theories he peddled on Web sites and, apparently, Wednesday’s attack.

“Many of the people who joined this movement in fact grew up in integrated areas,” said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been tracking Mr. von Brunn since his arrest and conviction in 1981 for barging into the Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington with a gun. “It’s not the norm, but it’s not unusual.”

Let's refresh ourselves on the meaning of the word "diverse".

Main Entry:
di·verse Listen to the pronunciation of diverse
\dī-ˈvərs, də-ˈ, ˈdī-ˌ\
Middle English divers, diverse, from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French divers, from Latin diversus, from past participle of divertere
14th century

1 : differing from one another : unlike 2 : composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities a diverse population

New York City is a diverse city. That means it encompasses all types of people. Even the douchebags of humanity. There are anti-semites who live in Manhattan and some of them can be spotted and others are better at hiding their true colors.

In the paragraph above, George Orwell makes the point that antisemitism is irrational.

I will provide further credence to his argument.

This group are known for the following.

1. Being really cheap.

2. Sticking with their own kind.

3. Being greedy

4. Making deals and breaking them when it is to their advantage.

5. Being really pushy.

Who is this group of people?

Well it depends on where you are from.

If you are Chinese, this is a description of the Japanese.

If you are Japanese, this is a description of the Chinese.

If you are Korean, this is a description of the Chinese and Japanese.

If you are English, this is a description of a Scot.

I could go on all day and provide more evidence that these descriptions are not isolated to one group.

Do you see where I am going with all of this?

Bottom line is this to justify antisemitism is to justify hatred of all humans because we are no different than the Jews. Because we aren't. Remember my entry This game is to blame. Eisner and drew a book about a prominent Jewish family. Even though it is a story about Jews, it is really a story about America.

Perhaps if that a**hole had made and effort to hold out and adapt to his new environment and determine what the problem really was, Stephen T. Johns would be alive.

Bastard. You could have saved everyone a lot of grief by putting a bullet in your own head.