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Monday, July 06, 2009

The Woman in Red

After partaking the fireworks, together with an amigo we sauntered over to the local bijou to enjoy the visionary genius of Michael Mann's Public Enemies which details the final days of John Dillinger and Melvin Purvis's hunt for the infamous bank robber.

Michael Mann painstakingly assembles these bank robbery scenes which allows the audience to appreciate Dillinger's professionalism.

If you look past the fact Dillinger was a bank robber, you can appreciate the effort he put into his work. His bank robberies were military precise K.I.S.S simple operations in order to limit the body count and to minimize the overall risk of being caught.

Dillinger was mentored by Walter Dietrich another master bank robber who impresses several rules upon Dillinger. One of them is never work with desperate people. Which unfortunately Dillinger has to break in order to do a job. The irony is that a desperate person plays a role in his demise.

Dillinger was killed because of Ana Cumpănaş AKA Woman in Red. The screws were put into Ana real tight because she was on the verge of being deported as being alien of low moral character".

Desperate to stay in America, she turned on Dillinger in hopes of sticking around, she contacted the Feds to set Dillinger up for a take down. The irony is that despite her cooperation she ended up getting booted out of the land of the free.

In this real estate market it is imperative for everyone to keep a cool head. This is an environment where one slip up could be fatal. Spot a deal, make sure it is for real. If you can get financing, make sure it is rock solid. Due diligence is now your mantra. Desperation only attracts weakness and just excites the predators that will come for you. Play it close to the vest and keep walking with your head up high and the vultures will fly to the next carcass.

The Woman in Red stalks the real estate industry and she pops up in the most inopportune times. Keep an eye out for the Woman in Red by being aware of the wants and needs of others and how far they are willing to go. Then take measures to protect your interests.

Someone gets offended? F**k em. The world we live in is short on politeness but long on pain. Do not be afraid to walk away if you get that funny feeling about someone or something. Listen to your gut. Lose a deal? So what. There are plenty of deals out there. Sit on the sidelines? Go ahead. Everyone else is.

Just beware the Woman in Red.

Unless it is Kelly LeBrock.