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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Another Douchebag

You think your life sucks? Watch this and answer the question.

I am beyond livid right now over this piece of trash that went on that shooting spree in PA. I have skimmed his words, which as far as I am concerned does not count as a blog. It is a website. If you want further details go to Gawker. I am not going to quote him, I am not even going to mention his name.

What really angers me is that the stuff he gripes about is bulls**t we all deal with. He talks about how he hates his job, that he hasn't gotten laid since last century, no woman wants to go out with him, he's lonely, he has no friends and he is completely unsatisfied with his station in life and feels that his life is one big zero.

So he figures by shooting some innocent people he will at least have a place in history.

This guy was actually the luckiest in the world and I will prove it to you.

He hates his job. First of all at least he has a job and a house which is more than most people have especially in the world we live in now.

He hasn't gotten laid since Thriller was first released and he is unmarried. There is actually an upside to this. He has never contracted a sexually transmitted disease and does not have to deal with unwanted pregnancies. Remember, like Kanye West says:

"18 years, 18 years. She got one of yo kids got you for 18 years"

Also dating costs money. The benefit of not dating was that he was able to save up for a house.

If he had wife and kids he would be freaking out right now because he has to deal with the fact he has mouths to feed while the sword of Damocles hangs above his head.

He feels insignificant in his lack of accomplishments. Accomplishments are a pain in the ass. There is always a price for each great achievement which require work and effort. The scary thing is even if you do your best the result is jack squat. There is nothing wrong with settling. At least you know what you are getting.

Surrounded by idiots. Dude. They are everywhere.

Friends suck. Friends can be wonderful but they also be a pain in the ass because you have deal with their bulls**t too. Especially if you have friends who are complete douchebags and treat you like crap.

He has an over domineering mother. All mothers are over domineering. That is what mothers are supposed to do. It is from this domination that children are developed for better or for worse.

He has an older brother who was a a$$hole. All older brothers are a$$holes. I think it is important to have an older sibling who is an a$$hole because then younger siblings are able to develop the proper skill sets to endure and navigate under an oppressive regime.

The future holds nothing for him. The future is what you make of it. You have no control over anything but yourself. So whatever is thrown your way, you have to make do with what is given.

All the things he rants are problems that are easily solved.

Has no girlfriend or wife? There are a ton of internet dating sites out there where he could have found a mate. And if he did not want to spend the money there is always craigslist. If you got the money, get yourself a mail order bride. When all else fails, there is always porn

Idiots and a f**ked up family. Part of our life's work is learning how to deal with family members that we do not like and dealing with the a$$holes. These are elements we are never free of. This can be simply solved by avoiding all family gatherings and not dealing with people in general. That means becoming a hermit. Or trying to adapt to these type of people.

That void of feeling completely useless or not amounting to anything could have been filled by volunteering or engaging in some type of charitable work. Helping others provides great meaning to one's life. If he wanted fame or fortune, there is plenty of opportunities online. From making porn to doing something stupid. Look at those people who made that wedding dance video. Nothing special about that. Just a bunch of young people dancing down the aisle. But they got on the Today Show. He could have gotten his 15 minutes without killing innocent people.

Yeah. He was 48 years old but he still had a lot of years ahead of him and being single and unattached meant he had complete freedom. He was actually the master of his own fate because he had not other obligations other than to himself. He could have left the country, traveled, find a job overseas and begin a new life.

Maybe if he had traveled and saw what real human suffering was, what real anger and hate was. Maybe he would have realized that he was acting like an idiot.

And even after that, if he was still unable to shake what he felt the need to express himself through violence, then he should have gone for professional help. If that did not work than he should just done himself in first. At least some innocent people would have been alive.