Property Grunt

Monday, November 02, 2009

Trader Joe's chatter

Recently I was at Trader Joe's on Central Ave in Westchester which is a far cry from the one in Union Square. It is definitely busy but you do not have to coordinate your schedule around the amount of traffic coming in.

The cashier and I were discussing the madhouse that the Trader Joe's in Union Square has become. He informed that he notices a lot of New Yorkers coming here to shop. It is a such in the proverbial butt to shop at the Union Square location so what a lot of them do is rent a car for a day and drive up to Central Ave Trader Joe's.

However, this trend has not gone unnoticed. The cashier informed me that Trader Joe's is looking at other locations in Manhattan to alleviate the stress in Union Square.

All I have to say is that this is best time for Trader Joe's to find a new location or locations. The commercial market is down and vacancies are everywhere. Any landlord in their right mind would give their left nut for a Trader Joe's and would give as many concessions as possible.