Property Grunt

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


New Year is here and a lot of R words are being thrown around.

There is talk about the Real estate market. some say recovery other say retreat. Then we are debating whether our economy is in a Recovery or Recession. And some Rich girl died.

SO what is my take?

This quote sums it up.

The first time I visited in 2007, James W. Browder, the Lee County schools superintendent, had recently scrapped plans to construct seven new schools. When I visited last month, he detailed how one-fourth of his elementary schools were now sending home weekly backpacks of food with students.

“One elementary school principal noticed parents going into schools with kids in the morning and sitting down in the cafeteria with them,” Mr. Browder said. “Then they noticed parents eating breakfast off kids’ plates. And then they noticed parents taking scraps home.”

We live in one of the most advanced and well developed country in the world and there are people in this country who eating school cafeteria leftovers. That is not normal. Even during a recession.

A family member who specializes in bargain hunting noticed something odd a very well know off price department store. The family member noticed a surplus of high end inventory on the store's shelves. What is odd is that the inventory is in excellent condition and it is from the current season.

Something is going on folks. Something bad. I don't have any proof. It is just my intuition. For what it is worth.