Property Grunt

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

The music is from the Warriors.


If you have been under the covers avoiding the storm, just go to this link below and you will find out the clusterf**k this city is experiencing in the aftermath of the storm.

On personal note, I almost got into a physical alteration with a fat bald douchebag who hasn't seen his penis since he was born.

The subway was packed, so there was no way physical contact could be avoided, as I walked on he started pushing me, I pushed back and resulted in a verbal fracas where I owned him. It wasn't a real challenge since the guy was a candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

I smiled to myself when I saw the massive crowd of people waiting on the platform at my stop while the obese douchebag was still on the train.

Of course, douchebags are everywhere.

The answer to all of this are the layoffs.

The weakness of the infrastructure will be further revealed as more acts of god occur.

As this perception grows, a "Turk 182" feel of us against them is going to grow.
Can't wait for 2011.