Property Grunt

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dealing with the unknown

The Grunt is feeling a little tense right now. It is not because of the market or the economy. It is because the Grunt is expecting a new next door neighbor.

Back in 2009, the Grunt wrote about another noisy neighbor.

A letter to another 800lbs gorilla

That year management put their foot down and I never heard from them again. However, I got some cold stares from them and others associated with them but it was worth the peace and quiet.

I suspected something was up back in the fall of 2011  when I spotted the Gorilla's significant other being congratulated. I assumed it was because he proposed to her.

It was far more worse. She was pregnant.

Around February of 2012, the baby was born. And it was bliss. The only noise I heard were the cries of a baby.

But I knew the clock was ticking. The apartment they lived in was adequate for two but for three people, even with just a baby, it was too small. And soon they were gone.

I took certain steps to protect myself when new neighbors moved in but they resulted in failure. 

Recently, I smelled the odor of paint permeating from next door and I began to get concerned. The next day my worst fears were confirmed. There would be new tenants moving in.

I am not out of options yet. But I would rather not exercise them.

My state of mind in is rather odd. It is business as usual but I am aware that very soon I may have trouble on my hands. If that is the case. Then it means I have to start process all over again. Which I am not looking forward to.

Of course I might be overreacting. The new tenants may be people who despise loud music as much as I do. So all of this hand wringing might be moot. But in all honesty, I am expecting to deal with the tenants of hell.