Property Grunt

Sunday, July 10, 2005

7-11 YES

The Grunt was absolutley ecstatic as he scarfed down his favortie guilty pleasure of nachos. Deep friend corn chips, slathered with artifically flavored liquid cheese is a delicacy that the Grunt indulged in as a kid and now the Grunt gets to relive those days thanks to a new 7-11 that has opened up on 107 East 23rd.

24 hours of slurpee dreams and other indulgences can now be fufilled. Oh joy. Oh happy day.

This is a link from the New York Times that did an interview of James W. Keyes the big Kahuna of 7-11. Mr. Keyes, if you are reading this, the Grunt welcomes 7-11's return to the Big Apple. May your reign be bigger than Starbucks.

Here are some interesting facts about 7-11

7-Eleven, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, has reported 34 consecutive quarters of increased sales at stores open at least a year, as it has introduced more branded foods, made more frequent fresh-food deliveries and begun offering financial service products like prepaid shopping cards, prepaid cellphones, money orders and automated teller machines.

7-Eleven has a prepaid convenience card for those who don't have a credit card or maybe want a faster transaction. They are also in the process of implementing a contact-less payment system.