Property Grunt

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


This picture of Katrina was taken from an Air Force jet. That majestic yet chilling formation of clouds was the source of all the destruction that hit New Orleans and Mississippi and reduced those areas to a third world country.

Frances Flynn Thorsen is spear heading a campaign to help the less fortunate through the Real Estate Blog Squad. So spread the word folks and dig deep.

This is a link from Gothamist that will give you links of where to donate. And of course check out the Real Estate Blog Squad’s section on the Gulf tragedy.

This is a series of galleries of the diaster areas which I hope will give you all a better perspective of what is going on.

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
Gallery 5

On Nightline last night, Ted Koppel said a few word that I would like to share.

We don't like anticipating disasters. It suggests pessimism and America is largely a nation of optimists.

But when you look at the damage inflicted by an accidental storm, you have to think about the sheer havoc that an intentional terrorist attack may produce one of these days.

We want to believe that no one will ever use a weapon of mass destruction against one of our cities. But it's almost inevitable that someone will. We don't like to hear that; we certainly don't want to contemplate the consequences. But we need to talk about it and we need to plan for it.

The very worst thing you can do when confronting a potential disaster is to take the position that it'll never happen to us