Property Grunt

Friday, September 02, 2005

Real Estate Blog Squad Press Release

For Immediate Release


PROPERTYGRUNT has participated successfully in the launch of THE REAL ESTATE BLOG SQUAD, joining 40 bloggers and journalists in a national forum for discussion about real estate. The group's initial focus is to aid in relief efforts connected with the current Gulf Coast tragedy. Next month, THE REAL ESTATE BLOG SQUAD will cover the National Assn. of REALTORS® annual convention and exposition in San Francisco. The blog is located on the web at this link.

THE REAL ESTATE BLOG SQUAD (A Human Experiment) is featured in national press reports. Blog Squad members have appeared recently in BusinessWeek Online, Investors' Business Daily, MSNBC/Newsweek Online, Time Magazine Online, CNN, Inman News, and The Los Angeles Times.

"THE REAL ESTATE BLOG SQUAD is off to a great start," says the Grunt, "It is a noncommercial venture, an exercise in citizen journalism, and if offers us an opportunity to make a difference in real estate on a national level and right here in New York."

"THE REAL ESTATE BLOG SQUAD is not about making a buck; it's about making a difference,"