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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Top 10 List on why you should see Ali Rogers

This is straight from Ali Rogers.

1) To hang out at McNally Robinson, the coolest bookstore in New York, located in SoHo at 52 Prince Street;

2) Because you're real estate press and hanging out with other real estate press is mysteriously your idea of a good time;

3) You are sick of getting e-mails telling you to buy Diary of a Real Estate Rookie and think this will make them stop;

4) You are a past or current client and want to say hi;

5) My husband and his team at Supportive Spouse International are twisting your arm;

6) You haven't been to Tom and Jerry's in a while, and intrigued by the possibility of drinks there afterwards (Note: not author-paid; author is cheap);

7) You work for The Wall Street Journal and want more scoopola on this Rupert Murdoch person;

8) You are a writer friend and made me come to yours;

9) You have general real estate questions and would like to ask them in public;

10) Free condo*

*($2 million shipping and handling charges)

That's it: come to the reading on Monday, it's where the cool kids will be. 7 pm at McNally Robinson NYC, 52 Prince Street. The book is a paperback, was called "witty" in Newsweek, and makes a great gift. As noted above, there will be a quick Q&A after the reading, and then a group head-over to Tom and Jerry's for a quick libation.

I'll see you all there.

I'll see you all there.