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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Swiftboat Kramer

There is always the WWE.

I found this on the Business & Media Institute website. Apparently Jim Cramer was having a hissy fit over our esteemed Attorney General.

CNBC's Cramer: New York AG Cuomo a 'Communist'

The best place to get details on Cuomo's new mission is from Jonathan Miller.

Jim, stop being such a little girl. Andrew Cuomo is doing his f**king job. Some serious s**t went down during the last couple of years involving certain parties in the banking and appraisal industry and now they are paying for it.

Don't blame him for destroying the lending market, these numbnuts were doing a fine job destroying it on their own before the Attorney General entered the picture. Remember, investors aren't running away because of Cuomo, they are running away because of the results of some very bad and unethical decision making.

Jim, after you recover from your caffeine induced brain seizure, swing on by to my main man Jonathan Miller. Recently he sold his company to Radar Logic and as you see the result speaks for itself.

Still don't get it? Well, as you can see, Jonathan is riding high on his success and yet do you see him in Cuomo's cross hairs? Hell no. Why? Because he is a straight shooter. When the clock hit High Noon he was one of the few appraisers who were willing to suck it up and do his job, even if it meant losing out on a surplus of profitable deals. In other words, Jonathan Miller is not a douchebag. That is why people are now running to him in droves because they know his word is bond.

So be a man and use that Goldman Sachs acquired intellect of yours and examine this entire situation again and you will realize that certain parties in the industry need to take responsibility for their actions.