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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Rich: Like Black People in a horror movie

They will leave.
NSFW for language.

I recently wrote about the rich staging a tactical retreat.

It appears this trend is going to be more prevalent because the government is now taking a more aggressive stance to collect as much revenue from the rich in order to fund their programs.

Democrats Weigh Health Mandate as Obama Urges Taxing Wealthy

President Barack Obama wants Congress to consider taxing the wealthy instead of workers to pay for a health-care overhaul, as House Democrats discuss a plan to require health insurance for most Americans.

The Obama administration are also making every effort to go after the major tax havens that the rich flock to in order to protect their money.

US, Swiss ask for delay in UBS secrecy case

As the following video attests, Obama is not f**king around.

However, the rich have their ways to protect themselves as the following story demonstrates.

Mr. Pamplin fell in love with Shaniko, Oregon. Being a man of means he desire to use his resources to revitalize the area however it did not work out the way he or anyone else wanted.

A Lonesome Oregon Ghost Town May Remain So

But not long after he renovated the hotel and other structures, Mr. Pamplin, 67, decided he needed more water and assurances that it would be clean. The municipal water supply has long been fragile; if its use goes up too fast, the pressure drops and the water becomes vulnerable to contamination.

So Mr. Pamplin had a well dug near the old barn. Residents were stunned at what happened next: water gushed up at more than 250 gallons per minute.

“He got more water than they’d ever seen,” said Keith Mobley, a lawyer who grew up on a ranch north of town and represented Shaniko in some of its dealings with Mr. Pamplin. “He just has the magic touch.”

Still, Mr. Pamplin needed easements from the town to draw water to his properties. But the town, after consulting with the state, decided that the well should also serve the rest of Shaniko, as the municipal water supply. The town said it would allow the easements if Mr. Pamplin also contributed $2,000 a month for five years to help pay for operating the system. An agreement appeared to be in place.

But there was a hitch. Mr. Pamplin asked the town to allow an unspecified amount of residential development, ostensibly to provide housing for workers at the hotel and cafe and elsewhere. Some accounts say he wanted to build up to 35 homes. A historic district could have been affected. New buildings might have blocked views of high-desert hills for the few homes here.

“We were like, ‘What’s your plan? What’s your vision?’ ” said the town recorder, Debra Holbrook, who has led the opposition to Mr. Pamplin. “He would never tell us what his ultimate plan was.”

Early last year, the Shaniko City Council voted not to allow Mr. Pamplin to go forward with some of his plans. He responded by closing the hotel and cafe, capping the well and putting up the “for sale” signs.

Mr. Pamplin, who lives in Lake Oswego, a suburb of Portland about a three-hour drive from here, could not be reached for comment. A lawyer for him, Richard Canaday, said Mr. Pamplin had only wanted the town “to commit to grow enough so that you can support yourself.”

Mr. Pamplin is indicative of the attitude of the rich which is simply if the game isn’t going their way. They will forfeit and go elsewhere. When it comes to money, retreating is not an act of cowardice and machismo has no use if it means lowering your net worth.

It is near impossible to keep the rich boxed in. They already had a hankering that Obama or another Democrat was going to be in the White House so they instituted the proper countermeasures to deal with the situation. If it means becoming an expatriate, so be it. It worked for Marc Rich and he got a pardon to boot.

There will be consequences. But not for them.