Property Grunt

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wrong person to mess with.

This was from the Angry Asian Man.

Here is the rundown.

am a Korean-American attorney who lives on Wall Street in the Financial District of NY. I was out getting some icecream late at night at the corner store when I was approached by a big drunk guy who asked me if I was Korean. He went on to tell me that his wife is Korean so he "knows all about Koreans". I tried to humor him and nod but he started getting offensive saying that Koreans get pushed around all the time but never fight back. Then he started telling me all Korean parents are insane.

At that point, I told him I didn't want to continue talking to him and left the store. He followed me out onto a dark street off of Wall Street and started getting in my face. I told him to take a step back and he socked me in the face. I used to box in college so I responded with a pretty brutal set of punches that put him on the ground and told him the fight was over.

As I walked away, he got up and followed me into my apartment building at 63 Wall Street. I tried to get the doorman to call the police but he refused because apparently the guy lives in the building. The drunk guy then came at me again and hit me in the mouth, breaking one of my front teeth off, and called me a chink. We ended up fighting on the ground where I subdued him using Brazilian Jiujutsu and MMA. I held him in a chokehold and told him I'd kill him before the police arrive if he didn't stop struggling and clawing at my eyes.

Besides the obvious stupidity of this incident, what really annoys me is how the doorman acted. On rare occasions the doorman has to play bouncer in order to keep the peace in a building. That is part of their job. A good doorman will make an effort to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand. And if it means to call the cops so be it. As for the doorman claiming he can't get involved because the attacker was a tenant is complete bulls**t.

Now everyone involved is f**ked. The victim is completely in the right and along with the video evidence, he is also an attorney which means he will eviscerate his attacker and the landlord through every legal channel.

And if the doorman hasn't doorman has not been fired, he will be.