Property Grunt

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Random thoughts on a Sunday

Tomorrow is a holiday. It couldn't have come sooner. An agent wants to see an exclusive of mine tomorrow. I don't think so. I am too tired and annoyed with everyone.

I had three appointments in the listing and the reaction was blase. The first appointment was a buyer who put in an offer but was too low and held off going any further b/c the BIC told him he would just piss off the seller.

What really pissed me off was that the doorman was telling everyone there was an open house. People kept knocking on the door wanting to come in. Its one of those situations where you want to show the apartment but the owner only approved a appointment only showings but you need to show the apartment but if the owner finds out that there wasn't an official open house they will get angry with you and the BIC will blame you.

A broker showed up wth his buyers begging to see the place, I let them in since it was the last appointment of the day was already in. I met up with the BIC at another building where that broker showed up with his buyers. It turned out this broker was a complete dickhead. Previously he had left messages to see a listing and I responded to him but he ignored my calls and threatened to call our manager to complain that we did not contact him. When I last spoke to him on the phone he was quite rude to me. To add insult to injury he was late and messed up the BIC's schedule. If I had known who he was I would have told to go to hell. I plan on doing an entry on jerk off brokers because there are alot of them.

On a lighter note the Grunt alerted curbed of a colleague of the Grunt's who is a semifinalist in American Idol. Lockhart did an excellent entry on Judd Harris.

So please vote for him tomorrow. He's a really good guy and very talented.