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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I am not a Guru

This was a recent comment that was posted on the PropertyGrunt

OK, let me rephrase - but before I do I want to say that I enjoy reading your site and I mean no offense -

I said those numbers are confusing to be polite. In fact I know for a fact that the ones I corrected are wrong and I was hoping you would correct the rest. I gave the correct numbers based on the .05% raise in mortgage tax on nyc properties but could not figure out how you came to the before or after numbers. Did you inlcude transfer tax (state and city) for example? I was hoping for a correction or at least you going back to your source for clarification.

Otherwise - keep up the good work


I do appreciate you reading my blog and your comments raise some important issues. I assure you I never took offense and I always welcome readers to present pertinent questions and issues to this blog.

The source of the information for that post was from a reputable mortgage broker and I am in the process of answering your questions. For those of you who can't wait I strongly advise readers to consult with authorities in the field of mortgages, particularly ones in the New York area to get further details.

I would never proclaim myself as an expert in real estate. Even with my experiences in the field I am constantly learning more things about this industry.