Property Grunt

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Pay your taxes or end up like Cabby

The Grunt thought that this was settled awhile ago with a fine but according to this article it turns out that Cabby is going to be taking a vacation to Club Fed. People, this is trouble that you do not want especially in real estate for obvious reasons.

The Grunt is a big fan of Howard Stern and has met him on several occasions when Howard was working on Miss America. One of the many things that the Grunt admires about Stern is that he does not play fast and loose with the IRS. The fact that he decided to join up with Sirius instead of duking it our with the FCC is just another example of his intelligence. It appears that Cabby did not follow Stern's example. Hence, Cabby is going to be getting three hots and a cot courtesy of the federal government.

NEW YORK - Radio personality "Crazy Cabbie" will spend a year in prison for tax evasion after boasting about it on the nationally syndicated "Howard Stern Show."

The WXRK-FM disc jockey, whose given name is Lee Mroszak, pleaded guilty in December to not paying taxes for three years beginning in 2001. That year he won $100,000 battling fellow Stern regular "Stuttering John" Melendez in a five-round amateur boxing match that drew a sellout crowd of more than 4,000 people to Atlantic City, N.J.

Mroszak's crime was made more serious by his gloating about it to Stern fans, U.S. District Judge Gleeson said Friday as he sentenced Mroszak.

"Those folks are out there watching you, listening to you thumb your nose at the government," Gleeson said.

Mroszak, 36, also must pay the taxes he owes. He said outside federal court in Brooklyn that he was ready to serve his sentence.

"The judge was fair," he said. "I'm sorry that it happened and I have to go take care of business now."

One thing that we were all taught in real estate school was knowing when to shut up. I will give Cabby props for taking it like a man.