Property Grunt

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Where does the Grunt's loyalties lie in these tumultuous times?

I'm curious. How does your opinion about this affect how you do your job? Would you opt not to take on a client you thought was making an unwise buy?


First of all thank you for reading my blog. You raise some interesting questions. As an agent I see myself as a provider of information to buyers and sellers. I find the properties for my customers and include every answer to their questions from maintenance fees or if the building has a land lease.

I have never been in a situation where I have had to turn away a buyer because of an unwise purchase because the current market has done that for me by pricing out those who do not have the resources or wherewithal to weather the storm. The buyers that I deal with are well qualified because of their jobs, assets, picking the right mortgage or funding from their parents.

The customers are the ones who make the ultimate decision whether to pull the trigger or not and in order to do that they look at every facet of the deal and make their decisions. I have had buyers walk away from deals but it was their own choice because it did not fit their requirements. Whether a customer decides fight or flight I am there to offer my full support with whatever path they walk. That is all.

The purpose of my previous entry was simply to reinforce the fact that a bubble exists and especially in this moment in time everyone should proceed with caution. That should not prevent someone from seeking to buy a home but they should take that into account when they are financing their purchase.

I try to fufill my duties to the best of my abilities and if all goes well I collect a check. Regardless of what happens I excerise a level of detachment to the entire process.