Property Grunt

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ok. Now we're really screwed. Hollywood jumps into real estate

This is straight from Inman news. Notice the originality in the titles

Real estate is going Hollywood. ABC has "Hot Properties," a show about four women working in a Manhattan real estate office. And NBC is reportedly working on a show called "Hot Property" about the lives of three real estate agents in Houston.

The reason I see this as a sign of the end is that during the dotcom/stock market boom, Hollywood put out two tv series, The Street and Bull. A very short time later the market collpased as did these two shows. What I have noticed is that when it comes to shows that are trend related, Hollywood is always on some type of lag. And by the time they come out the trend is on its last legs.

Unless these shows have something more to provide then the wacky hijinks that occur in a brokerage firm then I am in doubt about their longevity. I put my money on Hot Properties to last longer because its set in NYC which is a more high profile market than Houston. Hopefully they will change the titles to something more original. If the producers and writers are smart they will follow the Steven Bochco model of storytelling. From NYPD BLue to LA Law, Bochco always had a knack for using the setting of his shows as part of the cast and not simply as window dressing and made an effort to focus on character development. Of course, we'll forget Blind Justice and Cop Rock.