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Monday, August 08, 2005

A Letter to Peter Jennings

Dear Mr. Jennings,

My memories of you began as a child when I would watch you as a correspondent on ABC News when I was having dinner with my family. I always liked you since you had a presence that made me feel comfortable and allowed me to be more receptive to the news even at that age. Even as a child I was aware of your talents for bringing the news.

It was quite a tragedy when Frank Reynolds passed away from cancer. He was an esteemed newsman and I grew quite accustomed to his presence. However, when you were chosen to take the helm of World News Tonight, I was quite happy because your constant presence meant a certain soundness during my evenings. In school I learned that you were not just someone who read the telepromter but you were a force to be reckoned with. You had questions and you demanded that they be answered not just for yourself but for your viewers.

When I heard that you had cancer back in April, I was hoping that you would be making a triumphant return. Afterall you were a fighter who had risen through the ranks of the news industry without even having a college education. And World News Tonight was still being promoted with your name even in your absence. There was clearly no doubt in my mind that you would be making a comeback.

This morning I woke up to the news that you passed away. I would have liked to have met you and shaked your hand. I would have liked to have said thank you for being there for all of us during the dinner hour.

Good Morning America has been giving tributes to your life and career. As I watch I feel that I would be lucky to have even a fraction of your legacy.

You will be missed Peter Jennings.

Take care,