Property Grunt

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A light in the darkness

I usually dread showing apartments that have a tenant residing in them. They range from slobs who leave their clothes and the rest of their crap lying around or their territorial to the point that they refuse entry in an apartment. I make a point not to show apartments while the tenant is still there. But sometimes brokers aren't willing to cooperate because of a buyer’s schedule or they just don't care.

But sometimes, you hit the jackpot. Sometimes you get a surprise that brightens up your whole day. This apartment I was showing had a rental tenant that I made an effort to always avoid. That is until today.

Whenever I enter an occupied apartment at that time of the showing I follow a procedure in order to protect others and myself. One is that I make sure that the broker and buyer know someone is in there so they are not surprised and I make sure that they stand back a couple feet away when I announce myself. I don't know what is behind that door so if there is a big bad awaiting me I want to be able to make a quick getaway and the last thing I want to do is mow down a broker and their buyer. It also gives them a running start to get the hell out of the way. If the tenant is in a bad mood I want the broker and buyer to be out of earshot if the tenant has any choice words about the apartment and my profession.

My experience with tenants has been quite civil because they know the score and I have a talent for placating the worst in people. However there was one time I had to postpone an open house because a tenant claimed no one called them. So I always expect the worst.

When the tenant opened the door an exotic raven-haired goddess greeted me. I mean, she was gorgeous. All of a sudden all of my defenses melted away and my natural charm offense took over. I introduced myself, gave her my card and apologized for any inconvenience. Her sweetness was as abundant as her beauty as she allowed us in the apartment and assured me that it was no trouble at all.

After we viewed the apartment. I ran back to her and asked for her phone number. After all, I wanted to be able to call her in advance in case I had to show it again. Really. That's the truth. Of course I wasn't averse to this going beyond the broker/tenant relationship.

But the Goddess put that to rest when she said.

"Don't worry about it. WE'RE never here."

I hope she was referring to her roommate not her boyfriend.

If you want more details on the juicy apartment gossip at 740 Park, Michael sent me this link. The book will be out next month.