Property Grunt

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Landlord hazards: What the tenant leaves

From the New York Post


October 22, 2005 -- A Brooklyn man evicted from his apartment left his landlords a few souvenirs — three pythons, a California King snake, a tarantula and two dead piranhas.
Officers found the strange haul after the East New York building super called the city's Animal Care and Control agency yesterday, about two weeks after their owner abandoned them.

A building worker kept the menagerie alive by feeding the snakes and spider, she said. But Katty Calderon, the animal-control officer who responded to the call, arrived too late to save two piranhas. All the animals were taken to the Brooklyn AC&C shelter.

The man left no forwarding address. The shelter will hold his pets for a week, but to claim them he would have to move out of the city, to a place where exotic pets are legal.

Even if you a no pets clause, expect some tenants who plan on getting cute with guests from Noah's last cruise.