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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another Alliance

Wow. It seems that other real estate services are getting in on the merger kick.


Kelly Kreth, Kreth Communications



Partnership Offers Potential Largest Single Database of “Human Verified” Real Estate Listings in NYC and Surrounding Metro Areas

Created in Response to Craiglist’s New Fee for Posting Real Estate Listings

New York, February 16,, a real estate portal, announces that it has partnered with RealtyMx to have the potentially largest single database of “human verified” real estate and apartment listings in New York City and the surrounding metro areas.

The service is free for individual brokers; there is a minor fee for agencies after a free trial. It also provides exclusive leads to agents. In addition, the shared leads are a great free service for tenants and buyers as they can contact all brokers with one form.

“As you know has become an extremely popular starting point for many tenants and buyers. Unfortunately, a few bad brokers abused the system and spammed it out. Starting March 1st, Craigslist will start charging $10 per ad per broker. This may help the quality of listings, but it will likely hurt many individual brokers and smaller agencies, and variety will be severely reduced,” comments Michael Zittel, president of and creator of

“We are always trying to create successful relationships with real estate marketplaces for the benefit of our clients. The integration with, a well established real estate portal, is even more important at the current time, while our users are looking for effective marketing alternatives. has proven itself over the last few years as an efficient and reliable web site for both clients and real estate brokers. The RealtyMX system now has a new channel of listings distribution, and we shall keep providing the cutting edge tools for the real estate professionals who have chosen us,” says David Elgrabli, president of Apply Media Inc., creators of the RealtyMX system.”

To respond to the urgent needs of brokers and agencies for a free place to post apartment listings on a site that is spam free, randomizes the listings that are never more than seven days old. Combined with human verification, this effectively reduces spam 100%, yet still provides a wide assortment of listings.

Additionally, provides a "BLAST SEARCH." This means when a tenant or buyer posts a "BLAST SEARCH" it is sent to ALL preferred members, up to 50 real estate firms. This forces the brokers to be competitive in their rates and pricing. It functions similarly to e-loans where the mortgage brokers compete for the customers business. Of course, if a client prefers, they can just browse and contact individual brokers, no fee agents and real estate brokers directly.

Also, all listings and search results are converted to RSS (XML), so tenants can add the searches to their News Readers, or Yahoo, AOL, MSN or Google home pages and cell phones. There are two benefits to this: the tenant doesn't have to go to the site to see what's new and the client doesn't have to send email, which is often blocked with spam blockers.

“I wanted to provide an easy, low-cost way for bulk uploads and have successfully incorporated this into the site--500 listing with the click of a mouse, rotating tile ads, shared and exclusive leads, and profile pages. Preferred membership for an entire firm is only $59.95 per month,” expounds Zittel.

Zittel is also working on a directory of "EXCLUSIVE" broker buildings. Any member of who EXCLUSIVELY represents a building, will be profiled on In short order , will offer an extensive directory of EXCLUSIVE BROKER properties not found elsewhere.

In addition to, the service will soon be completely rolled out nationwide, state by state with an emphasis on major cities on a site called

Interesting response to craigslist fees. But also this is an indication of another trend where companies will create their own database. Is R.O.L.E.X R.E.D.U.N.A.N.T?